VP22 Parts Kit - Veternary Pistol 22
  • VP22 Parts Kit - Veternary Pistol 22

VP22 Parts Kit - Veternary Pistol 22


Everything you need to complete the VP-22 Veterinary Pistol.

The VP-22 (Ветеринарний Пістолет-22) is a .22 caliber, bolt action, magazine fed, optionally suppressed pistol. It is influenced by the British Welrod Mk 1 pistol.

Two bobby pins are provided for you to manufacture the extractor, per the instructions.

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22LR Chambered Barrel Liner - .312” OD, 100mm Long 1
m3x10 countersunk for magazine base 2
CMMG/ScaARpion magazine spring/ 11/32" OD 9/32" ID 1
m3x8 for rear of upper (2 for bolt retention, 1 for connection to the back of lower) 3
m3x12 (4 lower to upper, 2 barrel into upper) 6
m3x8 countersunk for trigger guard 1
m3x30 magazine button 1
Mag Button Spring 1
Safety Spring 6mm OD 0.6mm WG 1
Trigger Spring 6mm OD 1mm WG (Must cut to length) 1
m2.5x50 screw and about 10 nuts for striker (or other weight as long as it's above 3g in the end) 1
Striker Spring 1x10x50mm striker spring (Must cut to 1x10x37) 1
m3x4 for extractor retention 1
m3 heatset for threaded bolt cap, extractor (and other optional locations) 10
m3x45 screw for bolt handle 1
688zz bearings for bolt handle 2
1.5mm Music Wire for Pins 1
m3x30 with cap cut off metal epoxied into rear of receiver 4
Jumbo bobby pin or spring steel like from a windshield wiper, shaped for extractor 2
1x – 1/8" steel shaped for breech face 1
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