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Full kit for the MP22K. Comes with everything you need (minus 3d printed parts).


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M1.4x5mm Screw (Front Sight Post)

M3 X 20mm Pins (Charging Handle Arm)

M3 X 18mm Screws (Barrel Block With Ramp)

M3 X 32mm Screws (Barrel Retainer)

M3 X 8mm Screw (Fasten Ejector Block To Magwell)

M4 X 10mm Screws For Front Handguard Screws

M4 X 35mm Screw For Handguard / Retract Brace Button

M5 Nuts (Rear Sight)

M5 X 14mm (Rear Sight)

M5 X 16mm Screws (Rear Sight)

5mm Id Spring (Rear Sight) 

6mm X 265mm Linear Rod (Bolt Guide Rod)

Lm6uu 6mm X 12mm X 19mm Linear Bearings

5mm X 38mm Pins (Endcap)

5mm X 34mm Pins (Upper Pin And Magwell)

#138 Ace Hardware Springs- 2 1/2l X 21/64 Od X .028 Wg (Recoil Spring) - Full Length Springs

M6 Washer

1/4" Rods 230mm Length(Retract Brace Arms)

Ak Spring (Or Similar Od) Piece (Retract Button)

Barrel Liner ~100mm

8-32 Nylock

8-32x 1.125" Socket Head

M3x30mm Screw

(2oz) Lead Sinkers

Ar15 Fcg And Fcg Pins

1.5mm Rods For Push Safety 36mm

1.5mm Rods For Push Safety 32mm

1/8" X 42mm Rod (Mag Catch)

Mag Catch Spring

Cmmg Spring For Magazine

Cotter Pin

Extractor- 3mm Flatbar

Ejector- 1.5mm

Bolt Face Plate- 1.2mm

3mm X 27.10 Mm Rod

3mm X 17mm Rod

Extractor Spring

Firing Pin – 1.5mm With

Firing Pin Spring

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