• FGCZ9
  • FGCZ9



(Almost) Everything you need to build your own FGCZ9!

Some fabrication / trimming is required for the firing pin and springs.

Barrel Options: None
Bolt Options: None

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Item Amount
m4x15mm screws for the top of receiver (picatinny section) 4
m4x10mm round head screws (fastening handguard to upper receiver halves) 4
m3x15mm screw (ejector hinge) 1
m4x25 screws (rest of receiver) 8
4mmx32mm dowel pin (spring release) 1
m4x25 flat head screws (bolt asm, countersink tool required, pre-fabricated bolt will use just one for retaining the pin) 5
shaft collar for 3mm shaft, 7mm OD (for firing pin) 1
6mm OD 1mm wire thickness spring, 8.5mm long (firing pin spring) 1
3mmx100mm bar (firing pin stock) 1
1/4" OD rod, 6.5" long (BCG spring guide rod) 1
1/4-20 x ¾" (ar15 grip screw) 1
Compression Spring Stock, Spring-Tempered Steel, 11" Long, 0.36" OD, 0.266" ID (to be trimmed to final length) 1
10x50x66.68mm steel for bolt (3 foot stock) 1
1x0.313x3.039in for bolt (2 foot stock) 2
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